When you shop at PawMart, we bring you to a world of choices for getting the most out of your purchases.

What are Bones?

Bones are simply an alternate currency we use at PawCubes.

For every dollar you spend at PawMart, you will be awarded with Bones that you can accumulate with no expiry!

S$1 spent = 1 Bone earned

S$10 spent = 10 Bones earned

With our Instant Rewards programme, you may redeem your Bones right on-the-spot whenever you choose to, and use them to redeem our products, or even get a instant discount!

No more waiting for your vouchers to arrive in your mail!

Enjoy shopping with us!

(Please note that Bones will awarded from online ordering only.)


Now you have some Bones with you, it is time to use it to redeem our items!

There are 2 ways which you can use your Bones :

(1) To redeem for a gift / free products
Based on the bones you have accumulated, use it to redeem/exchange for our items free!
(We are constantly increasing the number of free items under Bones Redemption Corner, do come back and check them out!)

(2) To use it as an instant CASH discount in your shopping cart.
– $10 discount with 1200 Bones
– $25 discount with 3000 Bones
– $50 discount with 5000 Bones