CatanDog’s Anti-Fleas Collar

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Product Description


Josa Alberto Rodriguez Rodriguez, professor of the Animal Patology Department and Animal Health of the Veterinary Campus of Madrid University was elected on 5th of June, 1998 as Director of the Research Team with a contract derivated of the L.R.U Law, article 11 with D. Jose Luis Arranz Gil.

Project known as “The Insecticide Evaluation of Catandog’s,on the “European brown tick” in dogs (Rhipicephalus Sanguineus), in natural conditions.”

After this project was finished it was scientifically demonstrated that CatanDog’s is “TOTALLY” effective for the cats and the dogs, to control and repel the fleas and the ticks.

How to Use

CatanDog’s prevents the development of illnesses caused by these parasites.

Directions for use:
Attach the CatanDog’s disc to the pet’s collar. To guarantee effectiveness it should stay attached to the collar permanently including when you give your pet a bath or even if you have your pet x-rayed by your veterinarian.

Treatment duration:
Catandog’s becomes effective between 7 to 20 days from the date it is first attached to the pets collar. It is recommended that you attach CatanDog’s to the pet’s collar after the pet has been deloused.

If the disc is temporarily removed the acclimatisation period should be commenced.

CatanDog’s is over 95% effective, wich is proven for at least up to 2 years, after which it should be replaced.

CatanDog’s is one of the safest anti-parasitic systems and the one that lasts the longest.

How it works

CatanDog’s plate works without incorporating any battery, as it’s not neccessary, the POWER supply is the “earthly magnetic field” and the animal motion in it, cutting in such a way the flow lines, and, thanks to “Lenz Law” producing “Foucault” currents of extremely small power but enough to activate the CatanDog’s disc, that acts as a passive resonator.

CatanDog’s plate produces (or) generates electromagnetic and
scale waves
by: Professor Jose Luis Arrans Gil.

The CatanDog’s disc is an Aluminium disc with escalating waves that repel fleas and ticks and is designed for external use.

These escalating waves create a protective field, driving away parasites and stopping new ones being hosted by your pet.CatanDog’s is eco-friendly, it contains no chemicals and is water resistant. Its effectiveness is due to a revolutionary protective magnetic field system that is proven scientifically.

Will give your pets’ comfort.

• Its size is only 2.5 cm diameter

• CatanDog’s prevents and eliminates fleas and ticks.

• It is effective in dogs and cats of any age, weight, size type, including sick, convalescent and pregnant dogs and cats.

• Water resistant

• Non-toxic and contains no chemical elements.

• No need to wash your hands after touching it nor to stop your children playing with their pet.

• No smell

• Completely safe with no side effects


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