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Product Description

Solution for Spot On application. Contains 3 pipettes of 2.68ml. Giving up to 6 months protection against fleas and 3 months against ticks.Frontline Spot on Dog will kill 98-100% of fleas within 24 hours of application.Frontline has been shown to have no adverse effects during pregnancy in mammals and can be used in pregnant and lactating bitches. After your dog is protected by Frontline, fleas will be killed within 24 hours of arriving on your dog’s coat before they start to lay eggs. Re-treatment with Frontline Spot on Dog every two months is recommended for routine flea control. However, if your dog has a severe flea infestation or suffers from an allergy to flea bites, monthly re-treatment is recommended until the problem is under control. Monthly re-treatment is also recommended for the treatment or prevention of tick infestation.

Trust FRONTLINE Spot On to protect your pet

  • FRONTLINE Spot On is the only treatment for both cats and dogs that gives long-lasting protection against fleas and ticks and controls biting lice
  • In a convenient and easy-to-apply pipette, it kills parasites fast and goes on protecting your pet.

Stamp out flea problems

  • If you have a cat or dog, the chances are they’ll experience a flea infestation – and be exposed to the diseases fleas can carry – at some time in their life
  • FRONTLINE Spot On kills adult fleas on your pet within 24 hours and keeps your pet protected for up to 5 weeks in cats and approximately 2 months in dogs.

Kill ticks and lice too

  • FRONTLINE Spot On kills ticks within 48 hours, minimising the risk of a tick-borne disease being transmitted to your pet.
  • FRONTLINE Spot On is also effective against the main types of biting lice on dogs and cats, controlling lice infestations within 48 hours.

How do I apply Frontline Spot On?

  1. Select the correct size pipette for the weight of the animal. It is recommended to weigh the pet.
  2. Hold the pipette upright. Tap the narrow neck of the pipette to ensure the contents are in the main body. Then, break the snap-off top of the pipette along the scored lines.
  3. Part the coat between the shoulder blades until the skin is visible.
  4. Place the tip of the pipette on the skin and squeeze gently to empty its contents onto the skin, at one or two spots where the animal cannot lick it off.
    For cats, one at the base of the skull and a second 2-3cm further back is advisable.

Care should be taken to avoid excessive wetting of the hair with the product since this will cause a sticky appearance at the application site. This will disappear within 24 hours of application.

Animals may be handled as soon as the application site’s dry.


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