HyaFlex Oral Hyaluronic Acid

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Product Description

Give your good friend more good years with HyaFlex™ Our best friends can tell us a lot about how they feel by their movements. Nobody knows your pet like you do, and you are the most important element in understanding joint health in your pet. If your dog or cat is moving slower, and having trouble with normal mobility, HyaFlex™ could help. The same Hyaluronic Acid making a difference in restoring the active lifestyles of humans (Synthovial Seven®) and putting champion horses back in the race (Hyalun®) is now available for your pets! Try Hyaflex™ for your dog or cat.

HA is a major lubricating component of the joints, and the use of HA with oral liquid Hyaflex helps
• Support Joint and Cartilage Function
• Reduce Joint Friction
• Maintain Proper Mobility


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