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IN Diet Supplement is a breakthrough formula rich in Lecithin, that is unlike any other multi-vitamin/mineral supplement that you could give your dog or cat. IN is in a nugget form and is given as a treat or a reward. This special formula is easily digestible and absorbed, so the pet gets all the nourishment without the digestive disturbance other supplements can cause.

Available in 1.5lbs, 3.5lbs and 6.75lbs
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IN is the lecithin-based nutritional supplement which, in combination with its vitamins and essential fatty acids, is the formula for optimum health. Proven effective in case after case, IN helps prevent and eliminate dry skin, itching and scratching, hot spots and summer eczema, while maintaining your dog’s skin and coat in peak condition. Fed as a treat in its soft nugget form, IN works from within to fortify your dog’s immune system. Why Give In? Many of today’s health related issues in dogs are the result of poor nutrition. No commercial dog food can provide all the nutritional factors required for optimum health. The reason is quite simple. Commercial foods are cooked at extreme temperatures. When this is done, the vitamin content is diminished, the live enzymes are destroyed and the fatty acids are scorched. IN is produced without being cooked. The vitamins are at full potency and the live enzymes and essential fatty acids are intact. IN works by strengthening your pet’s immune system. This first becomes evident in healthy skin and coat. A strong immune system promotes the overall wellness of your dog. Within three to four weeks of supplemental feeding, you will see the difference. We guarantee it!

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