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Pawfessional Cuts

Dog Grooming Services

Bringing your dog to the groomer for grooming has its benefits. As your dog gets tidied up, our groomer will also check for skin infections, cuts and thorns that may be hiding in your dog’s coat or paws. Plucking of ear hair will also remove blockages and ear wax that may cause an ear infection. We recommend that dogs go for basic grooming twice a month.

A basic grooming package includes :

  1. •     Thorough hair brushing
  2. •     Cleaning of ears/ Plucking of ear hair
  3. •     Clipping and filing of nails
  4. •     Shaving of underpaw/ anus area/ underbelly area
  5. •     Expression of Anal glands (if required)
  6. •     Bath and blow dry

A full grooming will include styling and/or shaving.

We encourage grooming sessions to be at your residence so that you can have a peace of mind that your pets are being handled safely and gently. In addition, grooming at familiar surroundings lets stress level during grooming be kept at a minimum.

Our Mobile Basic/Full Grooming Rates

Small Breeds – S$78-$88 / $98-$108

Medium Breeds – S$98-$108 / $118-$138

Large Breeds – S$108-$128 / $148-168

Extra Large Breeds – Contact us for quotation

Flea and Tick Removal

Your pet does feel pain when fleas and ticks attack. Flea and tick bites can cause skin irritation and sores. In worse cases, a fever may occur. It causes distress to the family when you have to worry that infestation of fleas and ticks may have occured in other parts of your home. Fleas and Ticks need to be removed immediately upon detection. If you are uncomfortable with touching those creepy crawlies, do not hesitate to contact us. We will make a trip down to your residence and bust those pests away! A Flea and Tick Removal session includes :

  • Proper removal of Fleas and Ticks from pets
  • Bathing of affected pet with Richard’s Organic Flea and Tick Shampoo.
  • Spraying of BioX de’Bug on affected pet areas
  • Application of Frontline Plus on affected pet (Optional)

Flea and Tick Removal Rates

S$50 onwards

Each application of Frontline Plus – S$15 per tube

De- Matting

A ‘matting’ happens when dog hair gets tangled. It starts with small tangles, then becomes small mattings and eventually joining together to form large mattings. Mattings can trap dirt and bacteria which will result in your pets having skin irritation and sores. Our De-Matting services aims to remove these unwanted clumps without having to shave off your pet’s beautiful coat. However in extreme cases of matting, for the welfare of the pet, we would seek your approval if there’s a need to perform a shave down (shaving away of coat)  to promote new growth of hair.

De- Matting Rates

S$30 onwards


Small Breeds – S$40

Medium Breeds – S$50

Large Breeds -S$60

Extra Large Breeds -S$70

Housecall Charges – additional S$10

Transport 2 way – S$20 onwards

Feel free to contact us at Kelly : +65 90050009 or Travis: +65 98797784  to make an appointment or any other enquiries. Thank you!



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