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What is PlaqueOff® Animal?

PlaqueOff® Animal is an internationally patent applied for product that fights tartar and plaque on tooth surfaces and reduces bacterial presence.
The active element in PlaqueOff® Animal is a natural vegetable extract from sea salt. PlaqueOff® Animal has no local effect but works systematically. The ingredients are absorbed into the blood via the digestion of food and thereafter a compound enters the saliva that works to prevent accumulations of plaque on the teeth. It is generally known that the content of saliva can contribute to fending off the bacteria that give rise to tartar and plaque. Clinical studies in people have shown that accumulation of substances on tooth enamel is reduced by up to 88% and that tartar has either disappeared completely or become very porous and easy to remove. The studies made (with people) show that results become noticeable as early as after only 4-8 weeks and that results improve with regular usage. PlaqueOff® Animal should be taken every day.

Tested on people
ProDen PlaqueOff®, regularly used by thousands of people in Sweden and several other countries, is the forerunner of ProDen PlaqueOff® Animal. Please visit for more information. For Once – a product that has been tested on people first!

Tartar in dogs and cats
Tartar is a major problem in dogs and cats, especially in older animals. In dogs, the smaller breeds suffer most, but tartar is found in all breeds to a lesser or greater extent.

Plaque form on teeth when these do not get enough use or enough cleaning. When the plaque calcifies, it turns into tartar. This appears primarily on the rim of the gums (the gumline) and the back teeth. Plaque can be brushed away or kept at bay when dogs chew on bones or something else that exercises the teeth and gums. However, many dogs do not permit their teeth to be brushed, and not all like to chew bones or similar.

To avoid the formation of plaque, ProDen PlaqueOff Animal can be administered. This is an algae preparation that prevents plaque formation.

Once plaque has calcified into tartar it can no longer be brushed off. In many cases it then has to be removed by a vet using ultrasound and anaesthetic.

If tartar is allowed to remain for too long it can cause several problems in dogs and cats
Inflammation of the gums with consequent loosening of the teeth is a common consequence of heavy tartar formation. It is not unusual for infections find their way into the roots of the teeth and cause gumboils. These are painful, cause swellings of the face and the animal frequently stops eating completely and has a fever. Heavy tartar formation deteriorates the life quality of animals to a very large extent. The animal experienced continuous discomfort or pain from its mouth and often loses appetite. Additionally, there is a risk that such conditions can cause infections in other parts of the body, in the cardiac valves for example.

Preventive care
Make it a habit to examine the teeth of your dog or cat once a week. The animal will become accustomed to you examining its mouth and you will be able to discover any dental deterioration at an early stage. When dogs suffer from bad breath, this is usually caused by tartar and inflammation of the gums. If the dog or cat permits, their teeth should be brushed once or twice reach week. This can be complemented with some kind of chewing exercise and PlaqueOff Animal in order to keep teeth and gums healthy. You should ask your vet to check on your animal’s teeth at the time of its annual vaccination.

Dogs less than 10 kg and cats: ½-1 measure*/day
Dogs from 10-25 kg: 1-2 measure/day
Dogs over 25 kg: 2 measures/day
Begin with a smaller dose so the animal becomes accustomed to the taste. Then increase until the recommended dose is reached. Mix in, or spread over, the food.
All dogs are different individuals, and sometimes the recommended dose might be too small. If you fail to notice any effect after 2 months, you can increase the dose. Then try reducing back to the normal dose once visible effects have been obtained.
There are no known side effects, although some animals could react with loose faeces. This is simple to correct by reducing the dosage and then increasing to normal dosage successively. There have been some reports of allergic reactions of the type itching, eczema etc. The reason for this is allergy to algae. How quickly bad breath and tartar reduce varies from animal to animal.
*a measure, equivalent to 0.5 ml, is included.

Raw food material based on 100% algae flour (Ascophyllum Nodosum). Natural vegetable element sea salt algae D1070™, made up of: polysaccharides 52%, minerals and trace elements 22%, proteins with all amino acids 6%, fibre 6%, omega-3 fatty acids 2%, ash 17%. Contains iodine. 1 measure of PlaqueOff Animal contains approx. 0.2 mg of iodine. No additives of sugar, preservatives or colouring. Registered with Swedish Ministry of Agriculture. Algae approved by WHO (United Nations World Health Organisation), FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) and FAO (Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations). Approved as GRAS (Generally Recognised As Safe).

Ascophyllum Nodosum has not been tested on pregnant or nursing animals. Consequently we recommend abstention from ProDen® PlaqueOff Animal during such periods.

Made in Sweden


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