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The MEDIUM group represents dogs whose adult weight is between 11 and 25 kg

tioxidant Complex
Dogs are exposed to cell oxidation caused by free radicals. This process accelerates with age as natural defenses break down. Optimal levels of antioxidant vitamins E (500 IU/kg) & C (200 mg/kg) help limit cellular deterioration as a result of aging. Green tea polyphenols are also powerful antioxidants that provide extra protection for cells.

Appetite Satisfaction
A MEDIUM breed dog’s appetite may decrease as it ages. A combination of exclusive natural flavours and aromas of the highest quality helps to stimulate a healthy appetite, ensuring that they continue to receive optimal levels of vital nutrients.

Coat and Skin Care
A beautiful coat and soft, supple skin is the best sign of a dog’s good health. Vitamins A, E & C, folic acid, biotin and omega 3 fatty acids help to promote healthy skin. Omega 6 fatty acids, chelated zinc and chelated copper promote a beautiful, shiny coat.

Tartar Reduction
To promote better oral hygiene for older MEDIUM breed dogs, adapted kibble size, shape, texture and density effectively “brush” the teeth, while the addition of sodium tripolyphosphate helps deter the formation of plaque and tartar by preventing calcium in the saliva from attaching to the teeth.

Available in 10kg packs


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