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Royal Canin Mini Indoor Junior 1.5 KG
Dog Food for Small-Breed Puppies from Weaning to 10 Months of Age Who Live Exclusively Indoors
Puppies who live entirely indoors have different nutritional needs than ones who spend more time outside.

A customised nutritional formula for toy and small breed puppies. During its first months of life, the MINI puppies experience exceptionally fast growth. Its diet must therefore completely satisfy several requirements. Most of the growth of a small breed dog occurs in the first 6 months of life. On average, it gains 20 grams per day and after 10 months it has multiplied its birth weight by 20 times. Its food must therefore supply all the energy needed for this fast development. High fat and protein contents from chicken to ensure an optimal energy supply. A balanced calcium and phosphorus content for building a solid skeleton and healthy teeth. Puppies like to wander and chew everything they find. In doing so, they put their recently acquired immune system at risk. Mannan Oligosaccharides (yeast extracts) may help to build the puppy natural defenses by increasing the quantity of antibodies in a period of immune fragility and can help to promote the development of beneficial intestinal flora.


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