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Product Description

Reasons why you should use Sweet Pee :

-Sweet Pee cat litter is pure white and remains so during use

-Absorbs odour and moisture for up to 35 days

-Feels Comfortable and soft to cats’ paws

-Does not stick to litter tray, therefore remains easy to clean

-Environmentally friendly

Usage :

Step 1 : Pour 1 full bag of Sweet Pee 1.1kg into litter tray. Do not leave partial for later use. (Sweet pee pellets are designed to share equal amount of moisture/urine contents. 1.1kg of Sweet Pee pellets is calculated to be enough for 1 fully grown cat)

Step 2 : Stir Sweet Pee with a scoop or stick daily to mix used pellets with unused ones so that all share equal amount of moisture/urine content. Remove droppings and leave an even surface for next use.

Step 3 : Disposal : Once Sweet Pee pellets are fully exhausted after 30 to 35 days or when slight odor is preset, dispose all Sweet Pee from the litter tray and replace with a new bag as Step 1.

1.1kg pack

100% Organic & 100% Safe 1.1kg of Sweet Pee = 15 kg clumping cat sand = 25kg traditional cat sand Sweet Pee is made from natural plant fibre extracts that naturally combines into small spherical pallets with hollows especially made to absorb ammonium and other molicules contain in cat urine and leaving water to evaporate (Cat urine contains 95% water). Each bag of 1.1kg Sweet Pee can store up to 200m2 of ammonium and solids from urine, meaning it can last up to 30-35 days for a single fully grown cat (Cat passes average 60-158ml urine per day = 6ml ammonium). Cats love Sweet pee because fo the comfortable texture and the absence of odor.


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